Commercial Office Buildings and Retail Spaces
April 3, 2020

Supporting Productivity with Commercial Air Filtration Systems

Learn why poor indoor air quality is a problem for productivity and find out how commercial air filtration systems can help fix it.  Air pollution…
March 17, 2020

Virus Filtration Experts Share a Technical View of COVID-19

Please help Camfil create awareness by sharing the story with #CamfilUSACovid-19 Riverdale, NJ — In the wake of a worldwide outbreak of a novel coronavirus,…
Air Quality
March 17, 2020

How Maryland is solving its air pollution crisis

Learn why pollution is affecting outdoor & indoor air quality in Maryland to a point that the government is looking to solutions other than air…
Air FilterAir Quality
March 9, 2020

Improving Office IAQ with Commercial Air Filtration Systems

People who work every day in a shared office space are all too familiar with what awaits them when they first enter the room. They…
Air QualityCoronavirus
March 3, 2020

Camfil USA Update – Reduce Risk of Infectious Virus

Is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat to human health. Camfil a Global Leader in Indoor Air Quality Educates Using Comprehensive Resource Facts on Viruses New Jersey,…
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March 2, 2020

What will the ultra-low emissions zone mean for London and the cities of the future?

Learn what London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone means for the future of outdoor/indoor air quality in cities around the world and commercial air filtration systems.…
Air QualitySacramento, CA
February 19, 2020

How Understanding the Sources of Poor Indoor Air Quality at a Hospital Leads to Better Care and Cost Reductions

As studies show the importance of indoor air quality in healthcare facilities, learn what hospitals and clinics need from quality air filter manufacturers.  Indoor air…
Molecular Filtration Systems
February 9, 2020

HEPA and Molecular Filtration Systems Used to Mitigate Health Dangers of Cigarette Smoking 

Why smokers are at risk even if air pollution levels are low Air filters are a commonly recommended solution for protecting homes, work environments,  retail…
Air FilterDallas
January 27, 2020

Why People with Certain Blood Types May Benefit More from Air Filters

Learn why blood type may be a risk factor for heart attack after exposure to low indoor air quality, and why certain people may need…
Salt Lake City, UT
January 15, 2020

Fight Against VOCs Involves Source Reduction and Air Filtration

Utah has passed air quality guidelines to fight VOCs, easing the burden on commercial air filtration systems when improving indoor air quality.  Many small to…
Air QualityLos Angeles CA
January 9, 2020

How Air Filters Capture Mold Spores in the Air

Learn how mold spores adversely affect indoor air quality and why commercial office buildings, retail stores and personal residences require quality air filtration to reduce…
Air QualitySyracuse, NY
January 2, 2020

How Drones Are Helping Commercial Air Filters Fight Air Pollution

With air pollution levels in Bangkok reaching dangerous levels, forcing residents to stay indoors under the protection of air filters, the country is looking at…
Air filtersColorado Springs, CO
December 25, 2019

How Air Filters Protect the Brain from Air Pollution

Learn how air filters and their ability to preserve indoor quality may hold the key to protecting the brain from the detrimental effects of air…
Commercial Office Buildings and Retail SpacesDallas
December 10, 2019

How Commercial Air Filtration Systems Help with Office Productivity

While most people are generally aware of the negative health outcomes of air pollution, what most people don’t know is how air quality also has…
Air FilterAirportsCommercial Office Buildings and Retail SpacesSyracuse, NY
December 1, 2019

How Airports Are Using High Efficiency Filters to Lower Air Pollution

Learn how major airports in the country are turning to high efficiency air filters to protect the indoor air quality inside terminals and other airport…
Commercial Office Buildings and Retail SpacesPeoria, IL
November 22, 2019

Can Commercial Air Filtration Systems Remove Viruses in the Atmosphere?

Learn about the risks posed by atmospheric viruses on outdoor and indoor air quality, and how commercial air filtration systems can remove these contaminants. While…
Air filtersAir PollutionAir Quality
November 14, 2019

Taking the Fight to Air Pollution with Air Filters and Vitamins

Learn how vitamin B, along with air filters, could be the key to solving the air pollution affecting indoor air quality in buildings across the…
Air QualitySmogUncategorized
November 8, 2019

What the Donora Smog Crisis Can Teach Us About the Need for Air Filters

Most people will have never heard of Donora, a borough in Pennsylvania that experienced one of the worst environment-related public health disasters in United States…