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5 Reasons Industrial Air Filtration Makes a Difference

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With a full line of filtration products built with more than 50 years of experience behind them, Camfil has a solution to fit any need and any industry

When most people think about the HVAC system in their home or workplace, they tend to drop the V (ventilation) and just think about the heating and air conditioning (the H and AC). They think of how the system keeps them comfortable in terms of temperature, but rarely give much thought to how comfortable they are in terms of the quality of the air they are breathing.

In reality, without some type of filtration, the indoor air quality of most spaces would not just be terrible, but actually dangerous. From outdoor pollution that gets pulled inside and trapped, to contaminants released by products and processes that are used inside, all kinds of dangerous substances are in the indoor air that we breathe. This is why air filtration is important. Without it, indoor air pollution continues to build up and become more dangerous to human health.

Below are five reasons why air filtration and proper HVAC system maintenance are critical for indoor spaces and the health of occupants, especially in industrial and commercial areas.

Potential Contaminants in the Air

The air we breathe almost anywhere is surprisingly dirty. A single cubic foot of air can contain anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of small particles that have bad effects on the respiratory system as well as overall health. Untreated air can contain ozone, carbon monoxide, bacteria, pollen, dust, mold, fungi and even toxic chemicals like mercury, benzene and dioxins, just to name a few. Constant exposure to these contaminants can lead to everything from minor coughing and sneezing to serious lung and heart disease.

Aggravation of Existing Health Problems

Especially in indoor environments where contamination can build up to levels worse than outside, polluted air can make already existing health problems even worse. Those who suffer from asthma are often among the first to feel the effects of poor indoor air quality. The percentage of people suffering from asthma is increasing substantially each year with many studies associating the rise directly to air pollution. Polluted indoor air has also been shown to worsen conditions such as chronic lung diseases, heart disease and more.

Cause of Illness and Disease

In addition to making existing conditions worse, exposure to polluted air has been shown to create new health problems in otherwise healthy people over time. Various types of contaminants can cause certain types of cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses.

Risk of Legal Action

Any company, whether they manage a small office space or an industrial complex, is open to potential lawsuits from employees if they become sick because of their work environment. It is the responsibility of every business owner to make sure their employees can go about their day to day work safely.

In addition to lawsuits, there is also the potential for fines or even criminal charges if a business is neglecting to follow relevant laws and/or regulations.

Control of Energy Costs

If the HVAC system in any building is not maintained properly, from periodically cleaning ducts to regularly changing filters, it will drive energy costs up. As filters, fans and ducts become clogged, it gets harder to push air through the system. The result is that the entire system will consume more power, often while producing lower quality results. The cost to move air through HVAC systems is as much as 35% of the total energy spend for our country so proper maintenance can result in substantial energy savings. Proper design and maintenance of the HVAC system can have a substantial effect on overall energy costs.

Camfil Products Can Help

With a full line of filtration products built with more than 50 years of experience behind them, Camfil has a solution to fit any need and any industry. From air purifiers that will clean the air in a single room to high efficiency filtration systems that can clean up the heaviest indoor industrial contamination, no job is too big or too small.

Camfil products offer both high efficiency filtration and low energy consumption. With the lowest total cost of ownership available, Camfil filters can deliver the highest indoor air quality in any environment at a lower cost than other competitive products. No matter what your requirements, Camfil has the right solution for your business.


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