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Camfil USA Launches New Web Experience For End Users

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Dallas, TX / June 12, 2019 — Riverdale, NJ based Camfil USA a national and international leader in clean air solution has launched a new web experience for its end users accessing web content in the USA.  The new web site offers a modern look, easy-of-use experience and customer-centric navigation at

Keeping the end user at its core, Camfil USA offers a mobile-optimized web experience. The redesigned site provides global access in multiple languages rolling out throughout 2019 with key features to make the customer journey efficient, easy and helpful.

One of the new user interface features is a product finder, which helps solve one of the biggest previous challenges. The product finder tool helps users search by industry with filters like “product category,” or use a combination of filter options to display available products.

In addition to finding the desired product, the new web experience offers: search for air quality insights, brochures, case studies, certificates, drawings, instructions, product documentation, specifications, technical publications. Test drive document finder here.

The new website also boasts a newly developed section named Insights. This section is a helpful resource for visitors to learn more about air filtration through articles, videos and shareable content across all categories associated with Camfil’s mission to keep the air we breathe safe and clean.

“The Camfil Insight portal is the definitive source for industry information, company projects, customer testimonials and more,” says Kevin Wood, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Camfil USA, Inc. “We encourage you to explore the new content and share with friends, family and colleagues.”

“Investing in our new digital platform is the beginning of Camfil’s digital journey,” Sara Arrhenius, Camfil’s Vice President of Group Marketing Communications, said. “With the help of our customers’ insights, we developed a set of new tools to enhance the user experience. Combined with our new virtual-reality tools, interactive customer experience centers and further development of digital tools, we continue to spread the message ‘clean air – a human right.'”

For more than half a century, Camfil air filters has been helping people breathe cleaner air. To learn more about the industries that Camfil USA services, visit

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