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Apr 28, 2020 (KISSPR.com via COMTEX) — Riverdale, NJ — “To provide a healthy and productive indoor air environment, the focus should be put on filtering particles that are 1 μm (micrometer) or smaller in diameter – particles known as PM1 (Particulate Matter 1). Watch this video to learn more about ePM1.” Camfil Clean Air Solutions

What is PM1?

Particulate matter can ravage human health, according to the EPA, with its effects ranging from an irregular heartbeat to premature death. The severity of health effects increases as particulate matter gets smaller. While larger particles are filtered out in the throat, respiratory tract, and by the lungs’ alveoli, the human body cannot completely defend itself against PM1. PM1 is particulate matter smaller than 1-micron in diameter.

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