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Camfil Air Quality Experts Call for Urgent Action on Inadequate Ventilation and Air Filtration in Schools Following Environmental Law Institute Report

By February 13, 2023 No Comments
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​​As air filtration experts at Camfil, we have long recognized the importance of proper ventilation and filtration in improving indoor air quality. This is especially crucial in schools, where millions of students spend a significant amount of their day. Unfortunately, a recent report by the Environmental Law Institute has shed light on the inadequate ventilation and filtration in many of these schools, and the unequal distribution of this burden, particularly in communities with low wealth, rural locations, and students of color.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for proper ventilation and air filtration in schools to the forefront, and the report presents states with a unique opportunity to address this issue. The report highlights key policy strategies that states should consider, such as clear ventilation and filtration requirements, oversight mechanisms for compliance, and equitable financial and technical assistance programs. These comprehensive approaches will help ensure that all existing school facilities are healthier now and better equipped to handle future emergencies.

We believe that the findings of this report serve as a wake-up call for states to prioritize the health and safety of students and take action to address inadequate ventilation and filtration in schools. With heightened public awareness, there is now an opportunity for states to advance policies that will improve indoor air quality in schools and ensure that all students have access to a healthy learning environment.

At Camfil, we are dedicated to providing solutions to improve indoor air quality and hope that this report will serve as a catalyst for action by states to prioritize the importance of proper ventilation and filtration in schools. The full report, “Ventilation in Schools: A Review of State Policy Strategies,” can be found on the Environmental Law Institute’s website for those who want to learn more about the issue and potential solutions.


Resource Ventilation in Schools: A Review of State Policy Strategies