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VLOG 1 Review: Camfil Filtration Experts Discuss Air Filter Procurement Strategies

By January 14, 2024 May 30th, 2024 No Comments
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In the vlog titled “How Do Large Companies Procure Air Filters,” Camfil’s filtration experts Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell explore the intricate process of air filter procurement in large organizations. They focus on Camfil’s unique approach, prioritizing quality and total cost of ownership over mere price comparisons, a significant shift from traditional procurement strategies.

Key Points from the Vlog

  • Dave Blackwell’s Role at Camfil:  Dave, as a director at Camfil USA, is a key figure in interacting with sourcing departments across North America, providing essential quotes for air filters in various facilities.
  • Camfil’s Policy Against Cross-Referencing Filters:  Breaking away from standard industry norms, Camfil, under Dave’s guidance, refrains from cross-referencing filters with those on spreadsheets. This policy is rooted in the understanding that spreadsheets can’t adequately capture the environmental nuances and specific HVAC system conditions.
  • Focus on Total Cost of Ownership:  Emphasized by Dave Blackwell, the evaluation of air filters at Camfil transcends initial pricing. Camfil considers the long-term performance and cost implications, advocating for an assessment based on the total cost of ownership.
  • Response to RFQs:  Camfil’s response to requests for quotations is unconventional. Camfil avoids cross-referencing and instead concentrates on offering solutions that ensure optimal performance within the HVAC system. This underscores their philosophy of viewing air filters as technical products, not just commodities.

Analysis and Perspective

The vlog effectively conveys a pivotal shift in procurement philosophy. Camfil’s approach, focusing on holistic evaluations of performance and cost, is vital because air filtration quality profoundly affects system efficiency, maintenance costs, and ultimately; human health. This stance challenges traditional procurement methods, advocating for a more nuanced understanding of each facility’s unique needs, potentially leading to more sustainable, cost-effective solutions.


Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell provide enlightening insights into air filter procurement, proposing a paradigm shift towards prioritizing total cost of ownership and performance. Their perspectives could be instrumental in reshaping how large companies handle this crucial aspect of facility management.

Additional Resource

For a more comprehensive and visual insight, viewers can access the short video featuring Dave Blackwell, where he discusses these strategies in depth: Camfil Air Filter Procurement Strategies.