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VLOG 3 — The Ins and Outs of an Air Filter Survey: Insights from Camfil’s Experts Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell

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A Practical Conversation About Air Filter Selection

In our latest vlog, we dive into the nitty-gritty of air filter selection with Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell from Camfil, North America’s leading filter manufacturer. Mark poses a question to Dave about how Camfil handles the flood of RFQs they receive, given their recommendations against cross-referencing air filters using traditional RFQs.

Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell in Camfil’s YouTube Shorts Video: What Does an Air Filter Survey Involve?

Dave Blackwell’s Approach:  Beyond the Spreadsheet

Dave explains that offering specialized air filtration advice entails more than just providing a spreadsheet. This could mean a phone call, or often, a personal site visit to assess each air handling unit and understand the specific applications. Dave highlights the importance of understanding the physical dimensions of the air handler unit, the type of filters it can accommodate, the particular application, the contaminant load, and the characteristics of the surrounding environment.

The Essence of an Air Filter Survey

In the video, Dave is explaining the process of conducting a thorough air filter survey. This process is crucial because it uncovers critical information that a simple spreadsheet can’t show. By personally assessing the site and the air handling units, Camfil can provide tailored recommendations that align perfectly with the needs of the HVAC system and the specific environment in which it operates.

Why This Matters for HVAC Managers

For HVAC managers, a hands-on, detail-oriented approach is key. It ensures that the air filters chosen are not just fitting in terms of size and type but are also the most efficient and effective for the unique challenges of the specific application and situation.

Learn More From the Experts

For a deeper understanding of what goes into an air filter survey, check out our full conversation with Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell in Camfil’s YouTube Shorts Video:3. What Does an Air Filter Survey  Involve?.

Practical Takeaways for HVAC Professionals

  • Air filter selection is a detailed process, requiring more than just a look at a spreadsheet.
  • A personalized approach to surveying air handling units ensures optimal filter selection.
  • Understanding the unique environment and demands of each HVAC system is crucial.

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