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VLOG 6 — How Long Does An Air Filter Last? Maximizing Air Filter Efficiency: Insights on Filter Lifespan with Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell

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The Crucial Role of Air Filter Depth in Facility Management

In our sixth vlog, Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell from Camfil delve into the significance of an air filter’s depth and its impact on the filter’s lifespan and efficiency.

Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell in the YouTube Shorts Video:  How Long Does An Air Filter Last?

Mark’s Question:  The Importance of Filter Depth

Mark Davidson raises an important question about the depth of air filters. He wonders why depth is crucial and whether this information is typically included in RFQs, bids, or spreadsheets.

Dave’s Expert Perspective:  Seeing Beyond the Spreadsheet

Dave Blackwell acknowledges that while the depth of an air filter might be listed on a spreadsheet, the real value comes from assessing the air handling unit in person. By being on-site, Dave explains, they can determine if a deeper filter could be utilized. He highlights a significant point: a 12-inch deep filter can provide over 10 times the surface media area compared to a 2-inch filter. This increase in surface area can lead to immense savings in labor and energy expenses in addition to providing a higher efficiency rating and delivering superior air quality.

The Need for Hands-On Evaluation

Dave emphasizes that sometimes, to select an optimized filter solution, you need to see the application in person and apply your filter knowledge. This hands-on approach allows for a more accurate assessment and selection of air filters that can enhance the efficiency and lifespan of the air handling unit.

The Impact of Filter Depth on Longevity and Efficiency

This vlog sheds light on how the depth of an air filter plays a critical role in its overall performance, impacting factors like energy efficiency, maintenance frequency, and operational costs.

Watch the Full Discussion

For a deeper understanding of the impact of air filter depth on filter lifespan and efficiency, watch the full conversation with Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell in the YouTube Shorts Video: 6. How Long Does An Air Filter Last

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