Demands for Highly Efficient Air Filter Products Are on the Rise

By September 19, 2014 No Comments
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Regarded as one of the most important inventions among modern amenities, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is used widely from factories to public buildings. In addition to shielding the building from dust, insects and other contaminants, the systems also regulate the air, improve the indoor air quality and create a fresh and well-ventilated atmosphere inside an enclosed space. As the demand for HVAC equipment increases, the demand for high-quality air filter products, an essential part of the system, also rises considerably every year.

According to market research, the demand for air filters in the United States will grow approximately 3.6% on a yearly basis with estimated revenues of USD 14.8 billion in 2018. Among various applications, the market for filters used in industries and manufacturing remains the second largest, second only to filters used in vehicles. The rise in demand for air filter products for industrial and commercial usage also stems from the need to meet new regulatory mandates.  The US government has imposed stricter regulations regarding air quality and HVAC systems for all governmental buildings and private companies’ facilities. In addition, the global market outlook for air filters seems brighter than ever before. As the income per capita and living standards in Asia, including China and Japan, Latin America, and Africa are constantly enhanced, their demands for better indoor air quality and amenities are much greater. Moreover, concerns about the global climate change drives companies to stock up more air filter products to protect their working environment.

The supply side of air filter products has also made considerable developments. Air filters are now available in many different shapes, sizes, materials and designs, satisfying the needs of different markets. For simple needs, fiberglass filters, bag filters can be sufficient, while for more sophisticated usages, there are a wide range of HEPA and ULPA filters, metal filters, and containment systems from which to choose.

Overall, with the rise in demand for air filters and the progress of new technologies, we can expect to have more high quality air filter products in the near future.
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