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Now That It’s Colder, It’s a Great Time to Change the Air Filter in Your Heating System

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We all want to stay healthy and save some money, and changing the air filter in your home heating system can help you accomplish both, according to Charlie Seyffer, Camfil USA’s manager of marketing and technical material, who answers some frequently asked questions during a Google+ Hangout.about home heating and air conditioning filters
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Filters in home heating systems were originally used to protect the equipment and help prevent breakdowns during warranty periods, according to Seyffer. He says as time has passed and technology has improved a major benefit to home air filters is improved air quality. “The type of contaminants these filters can capture in the home are typically large. Hair, nuisance dust, these particles can clog the heating system over time,” he says.

The main benefits of regularly swapping out old dirty air filters for new, clean ones include,

  • As the filter becomes more dirty it requires the fan to work harder and use more electricity, resulting in a higher power bill.
  • Dirty air filters may release contaminants into your system, possibly damaging it, and into your home, degrading air quality.
  • Dirty filters result in fewer air exchanges as they block airflow in your home so the air you breathe isn’t as clean or fresh.

How often filters should be changed depends on where in the country you live and how active your heating and cooling equipment is. Seyffer suggests changing filters at least once before there is heavy heating use in the fall and again before frequent air conditioning use in the summer. If you live in a particularly hot and humid part of the country, it may be wise to change filters multiple times during peak air conditioning use.

Seyffer says heated air is easier for a system to move than cooler air conditioned air. “Air conditioned air is heavier and more difficult for your fan to move through the system. Heated air is already moving and moves freely.” Given the extra effort your system requires changing air filters during frequent air conditioning use may make the system more efficient and use less power.

Bad things can happen if filters aren’t changed often enough, Seyffer warns. “If you don’t change a filter on time in a residence they can upload. As pressure builds up against the filter, the dirt is pulled through which can lead to dirty coils, dirty duct work and dirty heat exchangers.” Seyffer states that if dirty enough a heat exchanger may even start a fire.

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Changing air filters in your home’s heating and AC system can save you electricity, improve air quality and protect your system, according to Camfil.