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Updated: Camfil’s New CamExtend Offers Better Air Filtration that Pays for Itself

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Updated: This new add-on is a simple device that is easy to install and provides more options when selecting HVAC replacement air filters in space-limited situations.

Camfil announces its new CamExtend product, which installs as an add-on to existing HVAC filter bank holding frames, providing the end user an additional ten inches of filter depth allowing the energy savings installation of deep pocket, Hi-Flo® ES filters with the performance guarantees that come with it. Because of lower total operating costs, the small investment in a CamExtend will pay for itself in short order, saving hundreds of dollars over a five year time frame, depending on the installation.
This unique design of the sixteen gauge galvanized steel frame gives cost and energy conscious facilities more options for selecting high performance air filter products. No longer locked into using shorter depth bag filters or compact box style products, the CamExtend opens up the benefits of the 22″ deep, and in some cases the 30″ deep Hi-Flo ES to those with air handling units with limited inline depth.

>> Download CamExtend see product sheet here

  • The 22″ or 30″ Hi-Flo ES offers a longer life and increased energy savings,
  • Less waste and labor saved because of fewer filter replacements,
  • No more clips or fasteners,
  • 40% reduction in the time it takes to replace filters, and
  • In some applications, the prefilter can be completely eliminated.

The CamExtend is easy to assemble and attaches into any front load HVAC filter bank, like a traditional double-header box style filter would fit. Once installed, there’s no need to change or remove the product again.

The CamExtend accepts specially designed Hi-Flo ES filters constructed with a full perimeter, SnapSeal® magnetic gasket. This combination provides significant savings in energy costs and eliminates the hassles of using clips and fasteners.

  • This seals the entire perimeter of the filter flat against the inner flange of the CamExtend eliminating air bypass around the filter so all the air is filtered, and
  • There are no fasteners or clips for any future filter installations.

For more details, on the CamExtend, see product sheet

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