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New Generation Air Cleaner Dramatically Reduces Indoor Air Pollution in Office Buildings

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A case study shows that leading air filtration specialist Camfil helped reduce complaints of indoor odor and pollution for Vinci Facilities with its CamCleaner City solution.

U.S. – Amid growing, widespread concerns about health risks linked to poor indoor air quality, leading air filtration expert Camfil is announcing the results of a study showing that the use of its CamCleaner technology can significantly reduce air pollution in office buildings. A number of commercial building developers and operators have begun seeking ways to cost-effectively improve indoor air quality following the release of media reports indicating that over five million people die prematurely worldwide as a result of both outdoor and indoor air pollution. Camfil, a global leader in clean air solutions, is now seeking to help raise awareness about the options available to those facing challenges caused by poor HVAC system tools. By discussing the air cleaner case study, the company has expressed hopes that more building operators will recognize the importance of taking steps to reduce pollution inside of their facilities.

Why One Office Building Operator Now Relies on Camfil’s CamCleaner

With the use of its CamCleaner technology, (Download Brochure) Camfil helped French EADS office operator Vinci Facilities reduce the issue of dirty water smells and pollutants inside of its commercial space, a case study shows. The operator opted to take action after receiving complaints from employees regarding their comfort level in their office environment.

Vinci Facilities maintenance manager said of the results, “Thanks to this solution, there is no need to re-prime the siphons every week anymore. This operation used to take 15 minutes CamCleaner City also removed efficiently glue smells due to renovation works on the ground floor. Before the CamCleaner City installation, we were smelling the glue from the fourth floor and it bothered the employees.”

The new generation air cleaner has demonstrated a number of advantages that others on the market have failed to show including:

  • Stopping all indoor air pollutants: VOCs and particles
  • Not generating any secondary compounds that are harmful to human health like other technologies
  • Being adaptable for installation in virtually any indoor space

Camfil has said of the use of its CamCleaner technologies, “Many buildings have only natural ventilation with openable windows. In these cases, standalone air filters can be an effective way to reduce particles and gases.”

The CamCleaner solution, the company further states, “can be used as standalone air filters or as a supplement to existing ventilation systems…they can give reduced energy costs, more efficient production and a healthier work environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles.”

About Camfil

Camfil is a global leader in air filtration solutions that helps those seeking ways to improve the quality of the air inside of their industrial, commercial and residential facilities. The company focuses primarily on the four industry segments: comfort air, safety protection, clean air processes, and power systems with the products and services it provides.

More information about Camfil and the range of HVAC system sustainability solutions offered by the company for those seeking to combat air pollution in office buildings can be found by visiting

To learn more about issues related to indoor air pollution read, “More Than 5 Million Deaths Linked to Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution Each Year” and “Five Common Types of Indoor Air Pollution Many Don’t Know They’ve Been Exposed To.”

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