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More Than 5 Million Deaths Linked to Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution Each Year

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According to recent reports an estimated 5.5 million people die prematurely because of polluted air. Camfil offers solutions for improving indoor air quality.

Outdoor and indoor air pollution causes more than 5 million premature deaths annually, new reports say. Researchers have found that disease from polluted air is the number two cause of death across the globe.

Source: NDTV Report “Over 5 Million People Will Die From A Frightening Cause: Breathing”

“About 5.5 million people around the world die prematurely every year from breathing polluted air, and the majority of those deaths are occurring in China and India, where factories and coal-fired power plants are fueling economic growth, according to a report released Friday.”

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Michael Brauer, who is a co-author of the study and a professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Population and Public Health in Vancouver, has said of air pollution it is “by far the leading environmental risk factor for disease… Reducing air pollution is an incredibly efficient way to improve the health of a population.”

According to clean indoor air solutions provider Camfil, this statistic highlights a major issue that many aren’t aware could be dramatically changed through efforts on the part of building developers and owners to maintain healthier indoor air quality. Camfil offers solutions for improving air filtration problems linked to poor air filter quality, and stressed HVAC systems that push polluted air throughout buildings. One example is its CamCleaner standalone filter module, which according to a case study helps reduce the presence of air compounds that can harm human health. The company says, “Many buildings have only natural ventilation with openable windows. In these cases, standalone air filters can be an effective way to reduce particles and gases.”

How Camfil’s CamCleaner City Can Reduce Indoor Air Pollutants Dramatically

Past testing revealed that Camfil’s CamCleaner contributes to a significant reduction in particle number concentration when mechanical ventilation is not available. Recent research found, “Results showed an average 94.2 % reduction in particle number concentration for particles with a diameter greater than 0.3 microns. Nearly seven months later the same filters removed an average 96.8% of particles with a diameter greater than 0.3 microns. Unlike electrostatic or ultraviolet light filters, CamCleaners may increase in efficiency up to 12 to 15 months due to a slight build-up of particles in the filter.”

In another air filtration case study, the CamCleaner City was shown to improve air quality for an office building following employee complaints about dirty water smells and pollutants. The building operator, Vinci Facilities, was so impressed by the benefits exhibited from use of the CamCleaner City that the company made subsequent plans to install the resource in additional facilities.

For commercial building operators and others dealing with hazardous indoor air pollution, Camfil can provide an assessment on whether the CamCleaner or other air filtration product offered by the company can help with overcoming related challenges. For more information or to request assistance contact Camfil today.

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