Hospitals Getting the Message About Air Filtration Systems & Sustainability

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08/09/2010 // Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil USA // Lynne Laake // (press release)

For those who have embraced sustainability, the business case for green hospital air filtration systems is unquestioned: Reduce the resources you need – the energy you use, in particular – and you’ll reduce your costs. Already, many hospitals and other facilities in the healthcare industry have reaped big savings by using ‘green’ technologies; products that have less drain on the environment – and the bottom line – than more traditional versions.

So why hasn’t sustainability caught on with every enterprise, every company, every hospital? The problem is one of perception. Or misperception, to be exact. Sustainability efforts require new products, new gear – and that has to cost money, right? There is a lot of myth about sustainability: It has to be expensive; the return on investment is minimal or will take forever; the only winner is the environment. Fortunately, every one of those myths is wrong. In fact, sustainability often doesn’t cost more than you’d be spending anyway – and sometimes far less. The savings can be immediate, too, and come in a variety of ways, like green air filtration systems. And it isn’t just the planet that wins, but the business, organization, or hospital, too.

Getting that message out, however, may be our biggest challenge.

Consider a recent study from the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the United States Green Building Council and Sustainable Rhythm, a consulting organization that works within the commercial, office, residential, green-space, and senior-housing markets. Their 24-page report, “Opening the Door to Green Building,” examines perspectives on green building – especially as they relate to cost.

The study, which surveyed 200 participants – owners, facility managers, developers, and real estate executives among them – found that while the majority of respondents had heard the argument that green building increases energy efficiency, and reduces costs, many believed that implementing these measures would cost too much. Indeed, when asked if there is a significant cost difference between green building and standard building products and practices, 62 percent said yes.

Yet among those who had actually researched the costs, the answer was dramatically different. They found that, in reality, there was a negligible premium.

And as any business or hospital that has embraced sustainability can attest, start-up costs are usually quite small, indeed, when compared to longer-term savings.

Hospitals using Camfil USA clean air filtration systems, for example, have seen greatly reduced HVAC energy costs – typically by 15 to 30 percent. That’s because the air filters are designed from the ground up for sustainability and savings. They use fine fiber media to provide high efficiency – and high air quality – throughout their service life. That means they require less energy. And translates into lower energy bills.

There are more savings, too. Because the air filters don’t degrade like traditional models, they don’t have to be replaced as often. That lowers costs, as well, and means less waste, and less expense disposing of end-of-life filters.

Fewer emissions, less waste going to landfills – that’s a win for the economy.

Lower utility costs, decreased replacement and waste disposal expenses – that’s a win for hospitals.

The win-win is entirely possible, and for forward-thinking hospitals that have embraced Camfil USA clean air solutions, it’s already happened.

That’s a message – and a strategy – any hospital or business can embrace.

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