As Healthcare Construction Soars, So Does Demand for Sustainability

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08/24/2010 // Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil // Lynne Laake // (press release)

Healthcare construction is healthy, indeed: Nearly $30 billion worth of non-Federal hospital construction is underway in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And it’s more than just new buildings. Across the nation, existing hospitals are being upgraded with new plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems – all to meet the anticipated needs of advanced medical and computing equipment coming online in the coming decades.

At the same time, the demand for sustainability is soaring, too. The idea is simple: Hospitals meeting their needs – particularly when it comes to energy – while minimizing their impact on the world around them and the drain on natural resources. And, as many healthcare facilities that have embraced sustainability have found, finding new efficiencies means finding new savings. Adopting a clean air solution, for example, like air filtration systems from Camfil, can reduce a hospital’s HVAC energy costs by 15 to 30 percent. Going green, it turns out, can save green, too.

To help healthcare and other industries design for sustainability, the U.S. Green Building Council has developed its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, recognizing and certifying buildings designed for – and maintained to – strict energy and environmental standards. Since LEED’s inception in 1998, over 35,000 projects have participated in the program, comprising over 6.9 billion square feet of construction.

Even if hospital projects and renovations do not adopt the stringent requirements of LEED, they can – and should – incorporate principles of sustainability. It’s not just a matter of social responsibility, but financial responsibility, too. Every dollar saved by using less energy and creating (and disposing of) less waste means more resources that can go into patient care.

Adopting architecture and construction strategies that promote sustainability is one part of the equation. Another is embracing products that have been designed from the ground up to provide superior performance with less drain on resources – and less burden on the planet.

Improving indoor air quality is a case in point. This doesn’t just benefit patients and staff by creating a more comfortable environment with less risk of airborne infection – a constant worry in a hospital or healthcare environment. It saves energy, decreases waste, and cuts costs.

And those benefits are surprisingly easy to achieve. Camfil air filtration systems, for example, provide optimal efficiency due to an innovative design that uses fine fiber media to keep contaminants out of indoor air. The air filters don’t have to be replaced as often as more traditional products – so waste is reduced, as are the costs of removing it. Less waste also means less products winding up in the landfill, a benefit to the environment. Add the energy savings due to Camfil air filtration systems’ more efficient performance and it’s a win in the pocketbook, too.

No doubt, designing a hospital from the ground up to conform to LEED standards can be a complex undertaking, and one that costs more than a traditional design (though it can be expected to save money over the long term). But products like Camfil green air solutions – engineered with sustainability in mind – show that reaping the benefits of going green can be a lot easier, and rewarding, than we ever imagined.

The world leader in air filtration systems and clean air solutions – for health care and other industries – Camfil provides the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections; all while lowering total cost of ownership. We’ve helped hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and other facilities go green without ever sacrificing performance. For more information on going green for healthcare construction or upgrading your existing air filtration systems, visit our newsroom at https://hvacairfiilters.submitmypressrelease.com, read about the Clean Air Solutions Company at https://cleanair.camfil.us, or call us at (toll free) 888.599.6620.

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