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Air Filter Leader CamfilUSA Saves Cold Cash for Ice Cream Manufacturer

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Ice Cream Manufacturer Saves Cold Cash by Switching to Camfil

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. What do ice cream manufacturers scream for? Cost reductions. Your favorite might be butter pecan, vanilla, or mint Oreo chunk; the manufacturer’s favorite is lower HVAC costs and electric bills.

A U.S. based ice cream manufacturer, known globally for its full range of ice cream and frozen snacks asked Camfil to help them solve a problem.

  • High amounts of outdoor contaminants resulted in a higher than normal pressure drop in their low cost pleated filters.
  • Final filters failed prematurely and gained resistance at an unacceptably high rate.

The company was getting positive results with Camfil 30/30© pleated filters and their AeroPac© Rigid Filters, but changing filters added significant costs in material, labor, energy and logistics. Camfil National Accounts worked with the customer and showed that better results and lower costs could be achieved by updating their system to a more advanced, higher performance Camfil product solution.

The ice cream manufacturer understood they needed more effective air filtration but they also needed to control costs. Given their increasing energy costs and growing workload of their maintenance personnel, they required a clean air solution that reduces air filter lifecycle costs and maintenance costs.

Camfil came to the facility to review the situation and come up with suggestions. They recommended,

  • Replacing the combination of a 12″ AeroPac box filter and 30/30 pleated filter with a single-stage Hi-Flo© ES bag filter.
  • 22″ deep Hi-Flo ES filters would be used whenever possible.
  • 12″ deep Hi-Flo ES filters would be used in areas where current housings could not accept 22″ deep bags.

The proposed Camfil solution was installed. After a year of harsh conditions, the new solution provided the customer with substantial improvements.

  • Net energy savings were $8,000.
  • An additional $8,600 savings came from reduced HVAC replacement filter costs because fewer filter changes were needed.
  • Converting from two-stage filtration to a single stage filter reduced waste by 70%.
  • Since there were no prefilters to change on the roof, maintenance workers saved time and could work on other projects.
  • Camfil’s Hi-Flo ES design resulted in staff carrying four times the amount of product per trip.

If you are in the food and beverage industry and are hungry for an effective, advanced air filtration solution with the lowest total cost of ownership, contact Camfil Air Filters at 888-599-6620. They’ve got the right flavor for you.