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Survey Finds Ease & Benefits of Attaining Cleaner Indoor Air Are Misunderstood

By January 4, 2016 No Comments
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The cost and effort required to improve indoor air quality are far less than many building professionals think

As the perils of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) become better understood, improving IAQ has become increasingly vital. Yet a recent survey by researchers at Drexel University has found that even among building professionals – the owners, managers, and designers of facilities – there is much confusion about the ease and costs of achieving cleaner indoor air.

The study, which was originally published in the journal Indoor Air, surveyed 112 building stakeholders, from architects to facility managers to tenants. It asked them about well-known steps for improving IAQ, including the use of air filters. Surprisingly, participants believed, on average, that such a step cost 10 times more than it actually would.

In fact, upgrading the air filter system is a minimally invasive process that rarely requires changes to a building’s existing mechanical systems. Yet not only did survey participants overestimate the costs involved, but they were also misinformed about the payoff. While research has shown that improving IAQ can help boost productivity and reduce employee sick days, the majority of survey participants were unsure whether suggested changes – specifically, better use of air filters and ventilation – would have much of an effect on health, productivity, or absenteeism.

Little wonder, then, that spreading the word of the benefits – and ease of obtaining – high IAQ is a priority for Camfil, the world’s leading provider of clean air solutions. Leveraging its half dozen global research centers, Camfil has been leading the charge in developing a new generation of high efficiency air filters – filters that do a better job than traditional models in removing harmful particles from the air, while lasting longer and requiring less energy. Meanwhile, through efforts like its mobile demonstration lab, which recently toured the United States and Canada, Camfil has been at the forefront of educating users on the advantages of cleaner air – and how IAQ can be improved quickly and affordably.

Indeed, as the Drexel survey demonstrates, clean indoor air – and its health and productivity payoffs – can be obtained far more easily than even those ‘in the business’ might expect.

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