Navy Environmental Initiatives: Hospitals Can Help the Environment And Patients

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05/10/2010 // Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil USA // Lynn Laake // (press release)

Earth Day may come once a year but at hospitals like Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD), reducing energy use and waste — while keeping down costs and carbon emissions — are an on-going effort. And an increasingly successful one.

The Navy — in keeping with its Earth Day 2010 theme of “Partnering for a Greener Future” — is working with innovative vendors and organizations to support its energy and environmental goals. At NMCSD, that means teaming with recyclers to make new use of discarded materials, and keep them out of the landfills. In 2009, the hospital center recycled 15 percent of its total solid waste, including paper, batteries, computer pagers, kitchen appliances, cell phones, and hospital linens. It cut energy costs by painting building roofs white, helping to deflect heat — and keep air conditioning use down. Even the type of water faucets it uses have paid environmental dividends: by switching to hands-free faucets, NMCSD was able to conserve water — a natural resource expected to become troublingly scarce in the coming decades.

As they continue, and grow, their environmental programs, hospitals like Naval Medical Center San Diego are also learning that when it comes to “green” initiatives, there are always new ways to save energy and reduce waste — all while becoming more efficient, and more successful, at their core mission: keeping people healthy. Increasingly, medical centers are discovering that every product they use has an environmental impact. And some more than others.

Consider, for example, a hospital’s air filtration system. Good air filters keep patients and staff safe by removing harmful airborne particles — keeping air quality high and the chance of infection and disease low. But the best hospital air filters go a step further. They don’t just improve air quality, they decrease waste, carbon emissions, and have a lower total cost of ownership. Camfil USA air filtration systems are built to do all of these things. Their design — using fine fiber media — provides high-efficiency, and high air quality, throughout their service life, in contrast to other products where efficiency declines markedly over time. Camfil USA air filters are designed to reduce HVAC energy costs, too — by 25 to 50 percent — meaning less expense for the hospital and less emissions into the atmosphere. And because they last longer than the competition, Camfil USA air filters need to be changed far less frequently. That translates to less waste.

Indeed, hospitals that have embraced Camfil USA air filtration systems have learned that going green doesn’t have to cost a lot of green. In fact, it can bring savings — for the environment, and the bottom line.

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