Green Camfil Air Filter Conversion Saves Hotel Energy-Helps the Environment

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06/07/2010 // Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil // Lynne Laake // (press release)

It’s the twin challenge for businesses today: operate more efficiently, yet in an environmentally-friendly way. The idea: reduce costs while helping to save the planet. That’s no small order, to be sure, but with the right products – designed to use increasingly scarce (and expensive) resources more efficiently – it is not only possible, but brings a competitive advantage.

That’s the lesson a leading hospitality company – with 445 hotels nationwide – learned when it decided to rethink how it deployed air filters at one of its major properties, a high-profile hotel located at one of the country’s three largest airports.

Hotels and air filters may seem an unlikely duo. Indeed, it has traditionally been the healthcare industry where the subject of air filtration has garnered the most attention — and little wonder: by removing harmful airborne particles, the best air filters keep air quality high and the chance of infection and disease low. But the benefits of clean air solutions — better air, better savings, and a better environment — can be achieved in any industry where clean, comfortable air is essential. And with many rooms — and customers — per property, hotels are a prime example.

For the hospitality company, the problem was simple: Its hotel was experiencing a high rate of air filter replacement in the heating/cooling units in each room. With filters needing to be changed each month, in all 700 rooms, it required a lot of labor, expense, and waste, which wasn’t good for the bottom line. The hotel was also concerned that the air filters weren’t as energy efficient as they could be. That was a critical issue, as the less efficient the filter, the more energy it used, which not only raised the hotel’s costs, but took a toll on the planet, as well.

Working with Camfil, the world leader in air filtration and clean air solutions, the hospitality company decided to see if better results were possible. It tested a Camfil 30/30 filter against the brand it was already using, examining both contaminant loading on the air filters and the length of filter life. After tests in multiple rooms, the results were dramatic – and the action that needed to be taken became crystal clear.

The Camfil 30/30 air filter lasted five months in actual use conditions – or five times as long as the hotel’s existing filters. This meant fewer filters would need to be purchased, lower total cost of ownership for the hotel’s heating and cooling units, and less waste generated. In other words, reduced disposal costs and a lot less material going to landfills. Once the hotel converted all 700 rooms to Camfil’s 30/30 filter, it was able to reduce the number of filters used per year from 8,400 to 1,680.

Just as significant, however, were the energy savings. Camfil’s clean air solutions – designed from the ground up to provide optimal energy efficiency and performance that will not degrade over time (a problem with ‘standard’ air filter systems) – providing a result that enabled the hotel to reduce its energy cost per room by 17 percent annually. And that helped the hotel earn the company’s prestigious “Energy Honor Roll.”

But perhaps the biggest benefit the company saw was the boost in air quality. By designing the 30/30 air filter from the ground up with efficiency and sustainability in mind, Camfil was able to incorporate innovations that, simply, make a better product. In tests, the hotel quickly discovered that the superior dust holding capacity of the Camfil 3/30 meant much better, more healthful air in the guest rooms — with far less exposure to pollens and allergens.

And maybe that’s the biggest lesson of all: a win for a business can be a win for its customers – and the planet around them – too.

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