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07/19/2010 // Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil USA // Lynne Laake // (press release)

Hospitals Find that “Going Green” Cuts Costs, Too

For the nation’s hospitals – and, indeed, the health care industry – environmental responsibility has meant more than reducing carbon emissions and energy use. Its meant reducing costs, too. Hospitals are finding that as they ‘go green,’ replacing traditional products with those designed from the ground up for sustainability, it isn’t just the environment that benefits it’s their wallet, too.

Indeed, 79 percent of the hospitals polled by the 2010 Health Care Sustainable Operations Survey – a project of Health Facilities Management magazine, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, and the American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services – cited cost savings as the top reason why their facilities are committed to environmentally sustainable operations. A similar number – more than three out of four of the surveyed facilities – said that they were also going green to improve the indoor environment, in particular the hospital’s air quality, for staff, patients, and families.

That double win – reaping savings while improving performance – is the key benefit sustainable products provide. Consider, for example, a hospital’s air filtration system. Quality air filters keep patients and staff safe by removing harmful airborne particles from the hospital environment. They keep the air quality safe and the chance of infection and disease low. But the best hospital air filters go a step further, eliminating the airborne particles in a way that means less waste, less carbon emissions, and a lower total cost of ownership.

That’s the mission – and the advantage – of Camfil USA air filtration systems. Their design – using fine fiber media – means the filters can provide high efficiency and improved air quality throughout their service life, in contrast to other products that decline markedly over time. At the same time, Camfil USA filters are designed to reduce HVAC energy costs – by 25 to 50 percent – meaning less expense for the hospital and less emissions into the atmosphere. And, because they last longer than the competition, Camfil USA air filters need to be changed far less frequently. That translates to less waste.

It also means that hospitals can simultaneously tackle – and see great success in – two increasingly important areas: creating the best possible environment for patients and staff; and finding cost effective ways to provide top-notch service and care.

Success, of course, breeds more success. While sustainable air filtration systems have already brought big benefits to the hospitals that have implemented them, other areas are also ripe for both environmental and financial wins. And, hospitals are actively pursuing them. For example, more than half of the hospitals surveyed – 55 percent – said they have incorporated flow control fixtures on faucets (such as motion sensors) and low-flow fixtures for toilets and urinals, resulting in significant water conservation.

For an increasing number of companies and institutions in the health care industry, the message is becoming clear: Going green saves green. All while saving the Earth and its resources.

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