Sustainability Brings Hospitals a Bevy of Benefits

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07/26/2010 // Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil// Lynne Laake // (press release)

Like all organizations, hospitals are focusing an increasing amount of their attention – and efforts – on sustainability. And little wonder: While sustainable products benefit the environment by reducing waste, emissions, and dependence on natural resources like oil and trees, they can also bring substantial cost savings.

Consider, for example, the sustainable air filtration systems developed by Camfil. The hospitals and health care facilities that have incorporated these clean air solutions have already realized the win-win results of sustainability. The air filter design – using fine fiber media – means that they can provide high efficiency and high air quality throughout their service life, in contrast to other products that can decline in efficiency over time. This brings a number of crucial benefits: reduced HVAC energy costs – typically by 25 to 50 percent; less emissions into the atmosphere; better performance (by keeping dangerous airborne particles out of interior hospital spaces and thus greatly reducing the chances of patient – and staff – infections); and less waste, as the air filters are replaced less frequently.

But while their multiple benefits make ‘green’ air filtration systems an easy call for hospitals, developing an organization-wide commitment to sustainability can be trickier – unless careful thought, and planning, is incorporated.

In his article “Sustainability, It’s a Trip!” Todd Wilkening, a hospital facilities management director, offers some suggestions to make the transformation to a sustainable facility work. Among them: the adoption of important sustainable practices, such as reducing utilities usage through energy-efficient programs and equipment; reducing waste through value analysis and staff education; minimizing the use of chemicals through the use of green products whenever possible; and managing and reducing expenses to maintain financial sustainability.

The key, of course, is to hone in on products that deliver environmental benefits while reducing costs and maintaining – and, ideally, improving – performance. It sounds like a tall order, until you realize products that do all of these things already exist – such as the Camfil air filters.

Keep in mind, however, that sustainability involves more than products, too. It requires the proper mindset. This means that especially in a hospital environment, staff education is crucial – showing the workforce how the way they work is directly connected to the environment. The inefficient use of energy, for example, only depletes already dwindling natural resources, and drives up costs. Most of us aren’t used to considering how our actions impact the world around us. That has to change – and education will be a key catalyst.

With sustainability-focused products and mindset, industries like health care will quickly realize that going green doesn’t just benefit the environment. It benefits business – and all of us – too.

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