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Health Care Facilities Can Save 30% in HVAC Energy Spend

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Camfil Offers Comprehensive Air Filter Sustainability Program…at No Charge

Reduce air filter replacement spend, operating and administrative costs for your health care facility with Camfil’s Circle of Success program.

Offered as a FREE service to healthcare facilities – this six-module program ensures the long-term success of your hospitals’ air filter management program…promising significant cost-savings in energy, labor and waste year after year.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Data Gathering: the program begins by gathering specific data points to determine how your existing air handling system is working. Usage and purchase process is also analyzed.
  2. Site-Survey: Captured in Camfil’s exclusive desktop or mobile-friendly electronic form, each air handling unit’s performance is verified by studying your system’s airflow, velocity, and particle loading creating a customized database for your facility.
  3. LCC Reporting: Information is collected and analyzed with the proprietary LCC (Life Cycle Costing) software, which calculates the energy consumption, installation cost, filter life, waste disposal, indoor air quality and optimum change sequence, assessing the true cost of your filter program. It helps determine the best filter for each air handler on site.
  4. LCC Modeling: The collected data and filter recommendations are used to perform a real-world model simulation. It provides an A/B performance comparison of your current products against the future performance using Camfil products based on your specific energy rates, labor costs and operating hours.
  5. Performance Verification: Once proposed Camfil products are installed, Camfil validates that the LCC model simulation is accurate. We ensure the performance we promised is exactly the performance you get.
  6. Premium Products: Camfil’s specialty testing devices and software allow us to document your system’s every performance. Following ASHRAE standards, we demonstrate with solid qualitative data to you and your administration that doing business with Camfil is the right choice.

Camfil USA stands behind their word, which is why Camfil premium products are GUARANTEED to outperform all other manufacturer’s air filters.

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There’s absolutely no risk in learning about an air filter program that offers big savings in energy, labor and waste.

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