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Camfil USA, Inc. Washington Facility Awarded Multi-million Dollar Containment Project

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The containment project will bring expansion to the Washington facility which specializes in proprietary metal housings, carbon, and molecular filtration

WASHINGTON, N.C., (August 28, 2015) – Camfil – the world’s leading provider of clean air solutions – announces the securing of its largest multi-year sales contract by its Washington, North Carolina production site. The National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) being constructed in Manhattan, Kansas will be the nation’s foremost animal disease research facility.

The biosafety level-3 and 4 laboratory will research emerging, high consequence livestock diseases that threaten animal and human health. “This Camfil multi-million dollar containment project is a significant part of the reported $1.25 billion dollar NBAF Facility construction project,” says Ryan Woolard, Washington plant manager. Shipments are slated to begin in mid-2016 and will feature a variety of products including CamContain Systems, Isolation Dampers, and SafeScan Automatic with CamControl.

The project will consist of more than 690+ HEPA Filter Containment Systems, 830+ Bio Seal Dampers, and 5 CamControl Non-Intrusive Filter Certification Systems. Phil Chearmonte, containment systems segment manager, says, “The NBAF project is the largest biosafety laboratory containment project the industry has ever seen, and most likely will ever see! Eight years ago we capitalized on an opportunity to embark on this challenge. Our goal, to ultimately secure the entire scope of supply that Camfil could potentially provide using our state-of-the-art technology. This win is the culmination of a true Camfil Washington Team effort and a testament to Camfil’s reputation in our industry. I am very proud of our collective team effort and look forward to the execution phase of this highly visible and important project.”

The containment project will bring expansion to the Washington facility which specializes in proprietary metal housings, carbon, and molecular filtration. Areas of growth include the renovation and construction of a state-of-the-art laboratory and quality assurance unit, other building enhancements such as specialized helium chambers, and sustainable economic gains in employment and contractual business. The partnership, scheduled to launch in fall 2015, took years of planning and cultivation. The team led by Chearmonte includes Ryan Woolard; Arthur Soma, product manager nuclear/containment; Christian Hicks, containment systems sales engineer; Gary Chrismon, sales engineering/product manager; Keith Woolard, research & development/engineering manager; Mike Carlyle, senior project manager/engineering; and Derek Gibbs, sales engineer, and other key personnel at the Washington factory.

More information on the NBAF project can be accessed at the US Department of Homeland Security website:

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