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How Choosing the Right Air Filter Can Help Your Company Lower Energy Costs

By September 14, 2015 No Comments
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Leading developer of clean air products Camfil outlines three ways choosing the right air filter can help companies save on energy related costs.

Not making the right investment in air filters products can cause some companies to spend five or more times the amount necessary on their heating, ventilating, and air condition systems. Why? Because choosing low cost filters that are of limited quality, quickly clog, and lead to an increased airflow resistance, can culminate in a higher spend on an HVAC system.

Statistics show that on average, in a commercial building 30% of an energy bill is related to how the air is filtered. By choosing a quality, low energy combination of air filters then the total cost of ownership is lowered.

Analyzing the Life-Cycle of Your Air Filter

Quality air filters like those offered by Camfil can save companies money in part because they last twice as long as more traditional air filtration products. Many also experience additional savings from a reduction in installation and labor costs, as well as waste disposal.

Many companies don’t realize that low quality air filters contribute to higher costs in this way and overlook the importance of conducting a life-cycle cost analysis of the air filters they currently use. Buying habits and group purchasing decisions make some vulnerable to getting into the continued cycle of only choosing sub standard products.

The following are three key considerations for companies seeking to break the cycle and see substantial savings on energy related costs.

  • Not all air filtration products produce clean air – Some air filters don’t meet required compliance guidelines to ensure that buildings are up to code because they only in essence shift around dirty air. Air quality control is an important consideration not only for costs savings, but also for the benefit of the health of employees and others within the company atmosphere.
  • The total spend on air filtration includes a number of costs – In addition to what is spent on air filters directly, the total cost of ownership for an HVAC system includes installation and labor costs, and costs for waste. Utilizing premium air filters with extended life can save on waste disposal costs by 70%, installation and labor costs by 50%, and HVAC energy costs by 20%.
  • Energy efficient air filters can save thousands of dollars per year for companies that operate in commercial or industrial buildings – Particularly for larger companies, the savings of the aforementioned total spend can total thousands of dollars.

About Camfil Air Filters

Camfil has a proven track record for helping customers save on energy costs with the use of their 5-star premium air filtration products and services. Their solutions for assisting those seeking to cut their operating costs while maintaining the quality of the air circulating throughout their buildings have been documented in a number of case studies. Those seeking more information about the total cost reduction that can be achieved through the use of Camfil filters can request an evaluation of their current HVAC system with the use of the company’s Life Cycle Cost analysis software, which relies on over two decades of experience, data, and analysis.

For more information about Camfil, or the products and services provided by the company please visit Companies can also inquire about assistance with developing their own energy savings plan with the use of Camfil air filtration products.