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Did You Know Poor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health?

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Camfil clean air solutions provider discusses research findings that show poor air quality can negatively impact the health of those exposed to pollution.

Researchers have discovered there is a link between being exposed to auto emissions and an increased risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A study conducted by Swedish researchers at Umeå University found that individuals who live in homes that are exposed to air pollution have a 40 percent higher risk of developing these conditions than people who live in areas with significantly cleaner air.

Researchers Find Link Between Air Quality and Alzheimer’s Disease

“As scientists learn more about the consequences of air pollution, the list of health risks have been growing. Asthma and other respiratory diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases have long been the top worries, but researchers in Sweden have now added a new – and equally troubling – condition to the list: Alzheimer’s Disease.”

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Using High Quality Air Filters for Better Indoor Air Quality

According to leading clean air solutions provider Camfil, hearing such news is disconcerting to individuals who live in areas where there is heavy environmental pollution particularly because they don’t feel they can do anything to protect themselves. The company says that although the problem isn’t one that can be fixed overnight, there are steps that can be taken to make sure that certain outside pollutants don’t pose such high risks to individuals while living or working indoors.

The company says of the air filtration products now available for owners or operators of commercial and residential buildings, or residents concerned about their indoor air quality, “Camfil – the world’s leading provider of commercial air filters – has developed a new generation of air filters that retain their peak efficiency longer than more traditionally designed filters, while requiring less energy. As a result, they do a better job of removing harmful particles from indoor air, while lowering lifetime costs. Leveraging its network of a half dozen global research centers, Camfil has designed air filters that last longer and require less frequent change-outs – lowering installation and disposal costs – without ever sacrificing performance.”

About Camfil, a World Leader in Air Filtration Products

Researchers have long studied the health risks associated with both indoor and outdoor air pollution, and continue to find surprising facts that are points of concern for many. Camfil is a leading global provider of air filtration products that help tackle the challenges linked to pollution for reducing related risks to human health.

In addition, the company is well known for producing products that assist hospitals, educational institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hotels, and office buildings with maintaining high quality air and reducing airborne infections. By providing tools that help owners and operators of various types of buildings achieve sustainability of their HVAC systems, total cost of ownership can be dramatically lowered. The use of Camfil premium air filters has been shown to reduce HVAC energy costs by 20 percent, costs of installation and labor by 50 percent and costs linked to waste disposal by 70 percent due to their extended life cycle.

For more information about choosing the right air filter products for any building type please visit today. Camfil also provides HVAC evaluations and life cycle costs analyses for those seeking to optimize the performance of their system and achieve the best value for their total investment, in part by reducing costs linked to unnecessary expenditures.

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