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Does Your Air Filter Provide the Best Economic Value?

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Clean air solutions provider Camfil discusses the cost-savings benefit of choosing the right air filtration products.

The steps required of a number of large companies to maintain the high quality of their HVAC systems may come at a price, but failing to do so always comes at an even higher one in the long run, according to clean air solutions provider Camfil. A number of companies seek to reduce costs by waiting to change building air filters until after the recommended time, or engaging in other actions that lead to more distress on their HVAC system (which could shorten the life of the system as a whole). This in effect, leads to higher expenses.

As opposed to cutting corners to try and create higher economic value in an air filter, Camfil suggests that companies invest in filters that are of a higher caliber. However, not all claims made by producers of air filtration products are accurate in terms of the true nature of their costs savings and sustainability. Therefore, it is important to examine various characteristics of air filters to effectively distinguish those that truly offer economic value from others.

Three Ways to Tell If an Air Filter Passes the Quality Litmus Test

Camfil, a known industry leader, has outlined three considerations that can help companies determine whether an air filter will yield them a desired cost and energy savings benefit.

  • Total Cost of Ownership – The total cost of ownership of an HVAC system that is well maintained includes costs for energy consumption, installation, labor, and waste disposal. The right air filters can save companies in each of the categories significantly.
  • Ratings Tests – Air Filters like those offered by Camfil have undergone strict processes to determine their value and efficacy. Therefore, paying attention to the ratings given to air filters can be helpful for determining the benefit of their use.
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy efficient air filters help reduce energy costs and well as the amount of pressure put on HVAC systems that lead to unnecessary wear and tear.

About Camfil Air Filters

Camfil air filters have proven effective in helping a number of companies reduce costs on maintaining the quality of their HVAC systems. As evidence, the company cites a case study in which a large computer manufacturer with more than $56 billion in annual sales and 65,000 employees saw significant savings in annual filter costs with the use of Camfil 30/30® Panel Filters.

Source: Case Study “The 30/30 Extended Life Provides Manufacturer Significant Savings in Annual Filter Costs”

“Due to this manufacturer being an extremely high profile company and a large user of air filters at its corporate campus, air filtration companies frequently called on the account claiming to have the best product, price, and service. The company decided to put an end to the speculation and test multiple products in real use to determine the best economic value, and not just “first cost” comparison.”

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According to Camfil “the extended life of the 30/30 saved the company $34,786 annually, and also reduced labor costs significantly.”

The company details other success stories like this one on its website, where a listing of Camfil air filter products is also available with detailed descriptions for each.

For more information about Camfil products and services please visit Companies may also contact Camfil to inquire directly about getting assistance with the development of a customized energy savings plan using a combination of Camfil’s quality air filtration products.

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