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Camfil Clean Air Experts Publish Guide Addressing Concerns About Air Quality and Health

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Camfil air filtration experts announce the publication of a new handbook that addresses questions about the impact of poor indoor air quality on human health.

U.S. – A new handbook has been published by the clean air experts of Camfil, addressing questions many have about the impact poor indoor air quality has on human health. Developed as a guide for athletes, the IAQ handbook camfil covers a spectrum of issues related to challenges that stem from indoor air pollution and offers solutions for addressing critical concerns.

The Numerous Health Challenges Presented by Poor Quality Indoor Air

In two recent article publications titled “How Poor Air Quality Can Impact the Human Body: Air Improvement Tools That Help” and “The Surprising Impact of Air Pollution on Exercise,” Camfil suggests that the impact air pollution has on human health is more extensive than many realize. In the latter article, the company says that many athletes and others aren’t aware of the health risks posed to them when they exercise in highly polluted environments. The air filtration specialists say, “According to a past review published by the University of Queensland, there is strong evidence to support the assertion that air pollution has negative effects on cardiovascular health during exercise. The impact is particularly strong for those who work out outdoors in urban regions where the concentration of air contaminants is relatively high.”

In the publication on poor air quality and the human body, Camfil further notes the damaging effects can be short-term or extend for years stating, “The World Health Organization (WHO) has cited among the various short-term and long-term health effects linked to poor air quality inflamed airways, respiratory tract damage, and cardiovascular disease.”

Clean Air Solutions for Maintaining Healthier Indoor Environments

As noted by Camfil clean air filtration experts, outside pollution can have a major impact on indoor environments. For example, in a case study discussed in the IAQ report, apartments located near a main road in Stockholm faced challenges due to a high concentration of harmful airborne particles and gases from traffic in the area seeping into dwellings. The study illustrates how problems with this type of indoor air pollution can be significantly improved with the use of air purifiers and air filtration products that facilitate the circulation of contaminant free air. Considering the results of the Stockholm air study, Camfil says in the IAQ report, “This comprehensive long-term study clearly demonstrated that the right filter solution combined with a mobile air purifier can improve the quality of indoor air considerably by reducing the quantity of harmful particles and gases by up to 80%.”

Included in the IAQ guide are recommendations for products that work to remove particles from indoor air and complement existing ventilation systems. The company suggests that those seeking cleaner indoor air with the use of an air purifier utilize those that have the capacity to clean a designated area’s room volume at least once every hour.

More information about the range of products and clean air solutions offered by Camfil to reduce the harmful health effects of indoor air pollution can also be found by reading,

“How Poor Air Quality Can Impact the Human Body: Air Improvement Tools That Help” and “The Surprising Impact of Air Pollution on Exercise.”

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